To catch up on all things construction in Cayman Islands, Finance Monthly reached out to Samuel Marcus Menzies-Small, the Founder and CEO of Small Engineering Limited and SEL Consulting Limited.


Can you tell us about the products that Small Engineering Ltd. offers?

The products and effects that we offer our clients are firstly 28 years of Civil and Mechanical Engineering knowledge and experience. My concentrate degree is in Civil Engineering. As for our Civil Engineering (construction firm), we are the first of our kind to provide Quad-lock ICF - a panel type ICF wall system consisting of panels, ties, metal track and metal brackets. Quad-Lock Panels are made with high density, fire retardant expanded polystyrene (EPS) which uses no formaldehyde, HFCs or CFCs. Seven panel types and eight types of plastic ties allow virtually limitless design options, using standard components. R-values range from R-22 to R-59 and more - the highest in the industry.


In what ways have your offerings advanced over the years?

From concept to distribution - from a small office in my home after a devastating hurricane (Hurricane Ivan in 2004) and after complete mass building inspections, I was able to analyse an affordable, safe and lightweight system that would get the Island to its usual efficiency.


What are the main challenges that you and your firm face? How do you overcome them?

The main challenges I face is separating business with pleasure, as life does need balancing.

The challenges that my firm faces at the moment are connected to the market – I think that every business can agree in this capacity. Every problem has a solution and my piece of advice for finding the solution to your specific problem is to try to be futuristic and realistic, read a lot and don’t underestimate the power of networking.


Where do you see the company in 2-3 years?

In 2-3 years, I envision our company expanding into the other Cayman Islands and Jamaica, providing products and services to compliment the issue at hand, whilst offering affordable problem solving.


Why should your clients choose Small Engineering and SEL Consulting over your competitors?

We are in a class uniquely by itself. The web of qualifications, knowledge and experience that we obtain along with our clientele fee(s) are slim to none. We are the Ritz Carlton and Audi of our trade.


What’s your involvement in the community?

We support The Maple House of the Cayman Islands in respect to the late Joshua J Bodden, The University of the Cayman Islands, as well as local artists and special great minds that are on the rise in the community.


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