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Do UK workers enjoy working from home?

Remote working is the 'new normal' for many UK workers, including in the fiance sectors, but would they rather be back at the office?

Posted: 30th March 2021 by James Gardner
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In 2020, millions of workers began working from home because of the pandemic. Remote working became the new normal and the preferred work set-up for some employees. With more time at home, workers can achieve a better work-life balance and minimise the number of distractions.

Remote working is a little bit like marmite

instantprint surveyed 2000 Brits who were working from home due to COVID-19. At least 86% of the nation worked at least part of their job from home in 2020. Video calls were used for staff meetings, and Microsoft Teams became the hub for office work. However, the UK’s remote working population appear to have mixed feelings about the new working process.

34% of Brits love working from home and only want to return to the office part-time when the restrictions are lifted. 23% of remote workers enjoyed their newfound flexibility and found they could achieve more in a day without a lengthy commute on either side.

In fact, many workers are happier working from home because they have more time to focus on their mental health. They can take care of household chores on their lunch break, spend more time with their friends and family and keep their lives more organised. A whopping 43% of remote workers would consider relocating after remote working for nearly a year.

Remote working helps staff save money on commuting and gives them more time in their safe place. Employees are more likely to be productive and happy when they can control their working environment.

The challenges of remote working

That said, only 16% of Brits have a home office due to issues with space, budgeting and hectic family life. A home office can help remote workers separate work from their personal lives, even though they are both under one roof. Invest in company branded banners and posters to make your home office a motivating place to work in.

However, remote working does bring a whole new set of challenges. Some workers find it unsociable and isolating to be working alone all day. Children and pets were the biggest distraction for home workers as they often interrupted video meetings. 11% of remote workers said they were experiencing too many distractions at home and found it difficult to concentrate. A home office can help to minimise this distraction so you can stay focussed through the working day.

If you are working from home, consider setting up virtual coffee breaks and Friday night drinks to maintain your team relationships. It’s important to celebrate the good times and identify the accomplishments of your team members. Virtual hangouts can give staff a deeper sense of connection and commitment to the company. Make sure to communicate with your co-workers through calls and voice notes to add a personal touch.


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