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OZEN Life Maadhoo - Welcome to Paradise!

So much has been written about the natural beauty of The Maldives and its lush tropical vegetation, crystal-clear water and powdery white sands, but the simple and slightly cliched truth is that no words and even photos would ever do this little piece of heaven on earth justice. Its beauty is otherworldly. And no matter how many times you keep coming back, you will struggle to keep your jaw closed as you approach the shores of the island you’ve chosen as your Maldivian home, greeted by a group of waving, smiling Maldivians stood in front of what should surely be a postcard and not a real-life setting.

Posted: 30th June 2021 by Katina Hristova
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We arrive at OZEN Life Maadhoo on a sunny May morning after an overnight flight and only a year late thanks to the global COVID-19 pandemic. My jet-lag addled brain is working hard to establish whether what I see is a dream or reality and before I know it, I have a glass of champagne in hand and am being shown around what does in fact resemble a scene that should belong to my imagination. Tall palm trees, tanned people having breakfast on the beach and views of the glorious Indian Ocean wherever you go. Welcome to paradise!

We enter our home for the next few nights – an overwater Wind villa with a pool – and immediately jump in the warm turquoise water, soaking up the incomparable views. After a day of relaxation and a constant sense of disbelief and gratitude, we head to dinner at Traditions Peking where we indulge in the best of Chinese cuisine and raise a glass to toast our first Maldivian sunset.

Even the most discerning foodies will be in raptures over OZEN Life Maadhoo’s culinary offering which compiles an excellent variety of dining options. Traditions Peking and Traditions Indoceylon showcase modern Chinese and South Asian fares, respectively, offering carefully selected menus of authentic dishes prepared with quality ingredients. Each is a triumph!

The Palms and the poolside Joie de Vivre soon become our favourites for al fresco dining and cocktails. Freshly prepared sushi, Maldivian tuna curry, refreshing coconut water and champagne become daily occurrences and it only takes us a day to forget what life was like before we arrived here – where every member of staff’s mission seems to be to make us feel as spoilt as humanly possible and never left without a drink in hand.

The true showstopper is the underwater M6M (or Minus 6 Metres) restaurant, where guests have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dine surrounded by 180-degree views of the marine life in the lagoon, which includes many friendly reef sharks! After a welcome glass of champagne, you’re taken to the main room where the fine-dining experience can begin. The four-course menu is a celebration of contemporary seafood and each dish is paired with a stunning wine that perfectly complements its flavours. We chose to visit the restaurant for lunch, as this ensures better visibility, and spend a couple of blissful hours enjoying a beautiful meal, fine wines and even finer views.

If there are people reading this who think they will easily get bored of swimming and lazing on the beach, stop right there. I assure you that you won’t. OZEN Life Maadhoo offers an impressive selection of experiences. From its stunning spa where you can try a traditional Maldivian massage and body scrub, among many other treatments, followed by a tea tasting, through to all the water sports on offer, as well as daily snorkelling and diving excursions and the special activities and events the team organises, you will be spoilt for choice! Guests who love staying active can also enjoy OZEN Life Maadhoo’s overwater gym and the daily classes available to join, or the excellent tennis court on the island. Before dinner, gin lovers can enjoy a glass of the refreshing drink in the new Gin is in bar. If you’d like to learn more about the history of the crowd-pleasing drink and try some of the in-house prepared saffron-infused gin, enquire about the gin tasting sessions and one will be swiftly organised for you!

And here’s the good news – I have been saving it for last. You can enjoy all of this without worrying about how much it costs, as everything will all be included in your Indulgence Plan. No hidden costs, no bills to settle, nothing to sign. You arrive at OZEN Life Maadhoo and all you see there is for you to enjoy – wherever you go, whatever the time!

The days in OZEN Life Maadhoo begin with a walk down the beach to a sunrise yoga class and end with a sunset cruise where you can spot tens of playful dolphins in the shimmering water underneath you. And I encourage everyone who considers visiting the island to not miss a single sunrise and sunset! The warm, gentle strokes of these first and last rays have the power to calm your soul and mind, remind you of the insignificance of the small problems you may be dealing with and help you gain a new perspective. And believe me when I say this, there’s nothing quite like watching the sun rise and set in The Maldives.

With resplendent views and an abundance of activities, OZEN Life Maadhoo is a dream destination for anyone looking for a little R&R and a luxurious taste of the truly unmatched Maldivian hospitality. The past 15 months have been difficult for all of us, and some indulgence is badly needed. OZEN Life Maadhoo is the place that will deliver it.

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