Selling your property to cash buyers, such as Four 19 Properties, avoids the lengthy selling process and helps close the sale faster. Ideally, cash offers are cash bids for properties. Here, the buyer pays the seller the entire amount in cash instead of financing or applying for a mortgage from banks and other lenders. While this presents a unique opportunity for property sellers who want to close the deal quickly, should you consider it?

Is Working With A Cash Buyer A Good Choice?

Accepting cash offers for your property is beneficial in many ways. On average, it takes between 30 and 45 days to close the sale with mortgage buyers, while a cash offer only takes one or two weeks. In the current competitive market, property sellers benefit from cash offers more than mortgage options in many ways, such as:

1. A Faster And Flexible Sale Process

Cash offers are increasingly becoming attractive to home sellers, as there are no risks of falling through the purchase and a short closing time. Cash buyers don’t need a mortgage. This eliminates the lengthy mortgage application and approval process, which often delays the sale.

Not relying on a mortgage also reduces the chances that financing will fall through. Mortgage buyers can encounter financial challenges, such as changing employment terms or identity theft, which derail the sale. Additionally, the underwriting process for mortgage buyers takes at least a month, and the deal may fall through if the buyer fails to secure a loan within this period. This makes mortgage buyers uncertain and less reliable.

2.  No Updates, Improvements, Or Repairs Needed

Most cash buyers buy the property “as is.” Selling your home “as is” means that the buyer will buy in its condition. You don’t have to make repairs or updates before listing. This is a good option for sellers who don’t have funds to renovate their house or aren’t sure if the renovations will improve property value.

3. Eliminates The Details

Several things can go wrong during the selling process. However, many of the steps involved in home selling are avoided if you choose a cash offer. Cash offers mostly favour property sellers and not buyers since the buyer knows the property's condition.

Cash offers eliminate the need for inspection and appraisal, which mortgage lenders require. By skipping the appraisal process, cash buyers can close the sale quickly, without spending more and waiting for the appraisal report. The responsibility of paying transfer taxes, closing costs, escrow fees, homeowners’ insurance, and property taxes is also transferred to the buyer.

4. Helps Avoid Foreclosure

Selling your property for cash is also prudent if your house was on the verge of being foreclosed due to a pending mortgage. Cash buyers can help homeowners clear their outstanding balances. Those looking to downsize or sell inherited property should also consider cash offers. 


Whether you accept a cash offer or not depends on individual circumstances. If your house is in a bad state, facing a foreclosure, avoiding contingencies, or you want to dispose of the property faster, a cash offer might be the right choice.