From Wednesday, Peloton will begin selling its original bike as well as a number of accessories to US customers via Amazon. 

Speaking to CNBC, Peloton’s chief commercial officer, Kevin Cornils, said: “Post-Covid, the retail environment — online and in stores — is continuing to evolve, and that’s something that we’re trying to understand better to make sure the Peloton of the future is calibrated appropriately for that.”

The move appears to be the most recent effort by Peloton to widen its customer base and boost investor confidence after a number of setbacks.

For example, February saw Peloton accused of concealing rust and corrosion on its bikes to avoid product recalls, with the company claiming the rust was “superficial” and would not impact the bike’s performance. In the first quarter of 22%, Peloton’s sales slumped by 24%.