A new trading platform, Tradu, has been launched that allows users to trade multiple assets in one place. Tradu’s Global Head of Trading, Paresh Patel, says that investors using the platform will be able to “transfer money from one account to another, seamlessly”.

This is because Tradu allows you “to do crypto, FX, CFDs, indices, treasuries all in one place” Patel says. With “other models you’ll have two different accounts and trade between providers” which “can take time and could cost money depending on how it’s done”. With Tradu, all of this is siloed under their name, so transfers and trades can be made in a matter of minutes.

The platform will offer more than 10,000 tradeable assets to investors and over 8,000 US stocks. It also provides more than 100 commodities, 106 indicators and 37 drawing tools. In terms of shares, one flat fee of $1 will be charged no matter how many are bought. The platform also has zero commission on leveraged products.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, traders will be able to choose from two fee models and enjoy trade execution costs of as little as 5bps. Tradu’s Crypto Product Director says that “all customer funds and assets are 1:1 backed” and that the platform starts with “a spot exchange and derivatives offering a variety of order types”. This includes “market and limit orders” as well as “stop-loss and take-profit options”.

The Tradu platform has been specially designed to offer a fast and user-friendly experience. It provides an impressive average execution rate of 18 milliseconds and has been built with the latest web technology.

Joe Harari, the platform’s Software Programme Manager, says that while the platform “doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles” it “gets the core things right”. This includes common user queries like “How do I Trade?” and “How do I open a chart?”.

Investors will be able to log onto Tradu using one central portal, where they can then navigate between specialised platforms for each asset class. There’s also an advanced token system that’s been built from scratch to stop users from having to manually log in every time they open the app.

The platform will offer support to traders worldwide by providing 24/5 customer service in 15 different languages.

The platform is backed by well-known investment company Jefferies, which specialises in investment banking, equities, asset and wealth management.