Finance Monthly Magazine - Latest Edition Now Available

Hello and welcome to the July 2020 edition of Finance Monthly!

As the huge downturn in economic activity the coronavirus lockdown has resulted in becomes more and more apparent, Finance Monthly’s July collection of articles offers an insight into what the world after COVID-19 may look like.

For our cover story this month, we hear from Nigel Green, the CEO of deVere Group, who shares his predictions about the price of Bitcoin with us. We also explore the top 5 biotech stocks that might be worth investing in right now and we touch on why sustainable stocks are doing so well in the current environment.

Finance Monthly’s July 2020 edition also sheds light on what the insurance industry may look like post-COVID-19 and evaluates the current state of the European real estate market.
All of this and so much more – I hope you enjoy all the content in our July edition!

Katina HristovaEditor