Finance Monthly Magazine - Latest Edition Now Available

As Q1 results have been coming in from all corners of the world and here in the UK, we are awaiting the outcome of the General Election on June 8th, I am pleased to present to you Finance Monthly’s May 2017 collection of features and exclusive interviews, as well as all the news that has been keeping the international financial and corporate news rooms busy in the past 31 days.

In this month’s issue of Finance Monthly magazine, we’re examining technology and how it can amplify investments. We reached out to Gavriel Merkado, the CEO of technology company REalyse, who believes that as we enter the dawn of AI and machine learning, being a technology innovator in the investment sector is a very exciting place to be right now.

Also this month, we have exclusive content from Bhupender Singh, the CEO of Intelenet Global Services, who explores the competitive challenges that banks face from FinTech players. We also had the privilege of interviewing the Financial Director of one of Deutsche Telekom’s subsidiaries and one of the largest IT service companies in Europe, T-Systems – Dr Stephan Hardt. In his interview, he tells us all about his role, challenges that ICT providers are faced with and the future of T-Systems and its parent company.

Katina HristovaEditor