Finance Monthly Magazine - Latest Edition Now Available

Hello and welcome to the first 2021 edition of Finance Monthly!

With the New Year has come a surge in COVID-19 infections and new lockdowns across the globe. However, here at Finance Monthly, we’re trying to stay as positive as possible, bringing you a collection of articles and opinion pieces which look at the opportunities 2021 could present the financial world with.

For our January edition, we’ve rounded up the most exciting IPOs of 2020 and we also take a look at some of the key investment trends to expect in the new year. We also hear from Hargreaves Lansdown on the entrepreneurial opportunities that 2021 can come with, and we delve into the future of the mergers and acquisitions sector. In addition to this, our January edition reveals our list of the top 5 challenger banks which will likely make their mark within the retail banking sector in 2021.

All of this and so much more! I hope you enjoy the content in our first issue for 2021!

Best wishes,
Katina Hristova

Katina HristovaEditor