Finance Monthly Magazine - Latest Edition Now Available

Hello and welcome to the August 2020 edition of Finance Monthly!

As we enter the month of summer holidays, which will look slightly different this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m delighted to show you Finance Monthly’s August collection of articles, opinion pieces and insightful interviews!

In his first article for Finance Monthly, Rodney Peyton OBE MD covered the 5 fundamental strategies for the development and maintenance of passive income streams. For our cover story this month, we connected with him again to learn about his Wealth Clinic approach for the real-life practical application of those principles, as well as his five-step model for coaching and mentoring.

Finance Monthly’s August 2020 edition also looks at the top 4 tech stocks to invest in right now, as well as the current state of the retail sector, asking the question: Will it survive COVID-19?.

All of this and so much more – I hope you enjoy all the content in our August edition!

Katina HristovaEditor