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Investment in InsurTech is Soaring in 2017

Posted: 12th September 2017 by
Jacob Mallinder
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A recent report form PwC concludes that UK investment in InsurTech in the second quarter of 2017 surpassed that of the previous three quarters, increasing to $290 million (£218m) in the first half of 2017, compared to $9.7 million (£7.3m) the year before.

Global investment in InsurTech by global insurance firms, reinsurance firms and venture capital companies surged 247% to $985 million.

Mark Boulton, Insurance Sector Lead at Fujitsu UK & Ireland has this to say to Finance Monthly:

“This year has been phenomenal for the insurtech industry in the UK, and these latest figures reflect it. Increasingly, we see the market gaining momentum, and the amalgam of data made available is reshaping the industry in an unparalleled fashion. Investors are coming to much better understand the values that lie within a connected world, from more dynamic customer relationships to personalisation and need for tailor-made solutions.

“Fujitsu’s recent research looking into the UK’s digital landscape showed that nearly 40% of people want the UK to make faster digital progress. As such, insurers need to keep up with the rapidly changing dynamics and unlock the power of technologies.

“Although many insurance companies have digital on their radar, it is important for this industry to take advantage of digital innovation by not only creating savvy online apps and improving the digital elements on the consumer-facing side, but by also implementing digital throughout the business. This will help insurers not only save more, but also become more integrated and process efficient. The amount of deals and investment in the past year are a vote of confidence and now is time UK claims its role as a global insurtech hub.”

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