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Governments, Tech Firms & Insurers to Discuss Drones and Driverless Cars at WEF

Posted: 24th October 2017 by Finance Monthly
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The World Economic Forum recently launched its Global Platform for Geostrategic Collaboration to bring together leading policy research institutions (think tanks) to engage the global public on geostrategic challenges in a multipolar world.

The platform aims to fill the urgent need for leaders and experts to understand the world through the eyes of their counterparts in other regions and find better ways to strengthen cooperation.

Within this mission, the forum’s platform will bring together insurers, tech firms and governments together to find ways to tackle risks from new technology such as drones and driverless cars.

Mark Boulton, Insurance Sector Lead at Fujitsu UK & Ireland, had this to say:

“The impact that technology has on our life goes far beyond convenience and speed. With new capabilities come a whole new range of responsibilities, and it is time insurers rethink their approach towards new products, such as drones and driverless cars, and the risks they bring to the table. Assigning liability becomes more and more of a grey area as complex technologies emerge, blurring the lines between the decision-maker and the enabler.

“It is therefore paramount insurers understand these changes are transformational for the entire industry, and old rules cannot be applied to these emerging risks. The way we collect and share data, and the impact of IoT for instance has the potential to revolutionise the industry. It can also offer a great opportunity to scale up to those insurance providers who will seize the moment.

“This represents an important state of change. We will need to learn to co-exist with machines, and both the risk factor and future changes will have to accommodate this. Incorporating new technologies such as driverless cars will not happen overnight – a carefully thought out set of rules of integration needs to be in place. Of course, this will add risk and insurance complexity.

“Ultimately, new technologies represent a business change for the better; revolutionising not only the way in which an insurance organisation company works but the services they can provide to customers by embracing a future in a digital world.”

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