Investors on the Assetz Capital platform are expecting to feel a negative impact from the UK’s economic situation in the next three months, despite the government lauding growth of 0.8% in Q4 2017.

The peer-to-peer lending platform canvassed the views of its investors in the Q1 Assetz Capital Investor Barometer. Asked how the economic situation would impact their lives in the next three months, only 13% said it would have a positive impact. 51% expected no impact, but 36% thought it would have a negative impact.

When asked how the economy had affected them in the three months prior, investors were again gloomy, with only 15% saying they have felt a positive impact. 60% said it had no impact, while 25% reported a negative impact.

Stuart Law, CEO at Assetz Capital said: “In contrast to the positive outlook which is expected to be announced in the Spring Statement, there doesn’t appear to be a great deal of optimism about the economy at the moment, with a growing number of our investors anticipating a negative impact in the next quarter. As Brexit creeps closer and the reality of a no-deal outcome seems more likely, uncertainty about the future of the economy seems to have taken its toll.

“Interest rates remain low while inflation remains relatively high, so many people are effectively losing money each day. It is no surprise, therefore, that alternative financial investments are continuing to gain traction, as people become willing to take on a little more risk – as with any investment – in order to see potentially fairer returns.”

(Source: Assetz Capital Investor Barometer)