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What Type of Income is Reported on 1099 Form

You can expect to receive 1099 forms in the mail whenever you receive specific kinds of income during the year.

Posted: 28th October 2019 by Finance Monthly
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According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), 1099 means “information return.” You are also required to report the received information on your tax return. There is more than one 1099 form and they are specifically made for different types of income that are different from the one your employer provides you with. Whichever form of 1099 you receive, you should know that they all contain your social security number and the IRS will be notified if you don’t report that 1099 income on your tax return. We’ll be giving you a brief guide that can help you discern which types of income are reported on 1099 forms.


Independent contractors and freelancers are usually the people who receive 1099-MISC forms constantly. As independent contractors provide their services based on a contract between them and individuals, corporations, or organizations, income should be documented in a 1099-MISC form. Whether a freelancer receives a 1099-MISC or not and as long as he/she was paid for the job, income tax should be paid. Sometimes the 1099-MISC form can be confusing as it’s filled with many calculations, and a useful 1099 generator can really help with all the calculations needed. These generators are easy to use and ensure that you don’t make any mistakes or costly errors when filling a form.  It’s always better to stay accurate when you’re filling MISC forms.

1099-A, B, and C Forms

These three 1099 forms are reserved for the identification of taxable income generally obtained from the cancellation of debt. 1099-A is usually received when your mortgage has been cut or completely canceled. The canceled mortgage debts are taxable as the IRS considers them as income. The 1099-B form is received due to the sale or bartering of securities and amenities. It’s usually sent by websites as most people who barter in person don’t need a 1099 form. Debt consolidation and settlements require a 1099-C form as whatever your lender or bank removes from your debt. It’s still taxable income in the eyes of the IRS.


1099-G and R

Any money received from the government, whether it’s the state, local municipality, or the federal government triggers the issuing of the 1099-G form. Usually in the form of credit cuts and tax refunds or even unemployment checks. If you received any income from pensions, retirement plans, the IRA, or any profit-sharing program you might be due for a 1099-R form. The 1099-R form is usually at a tax advantage and sometimes even exempt, so it can be also considered book-keeping at best.


LTC is short for long-term care, so the 1099-LTC form is reserved for long-term care insurance payments. The insurers usually send the form. Life insurance policies are also included as some payments related to death benefits can be given in advance.

While there may still be a few types of 1099s out there, these are the most important and common ones. Sometimes 1099 isn’t required, but it’s always better to stay on the safe side and keep track of them to stay on the safe side. Always remember to pay your income tax even if an expected 1099 form didn’t arrive.

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