Bitcoin Drops Below $36,000 After Major US Stock Sell-Off

On Friday morning, the world’s largest cryptocurrency hovered below the $36,000 level following a major stock sell-off in the United States.

On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve upped its benchmark interest rate by half a percentage point. Additional interest rate hikes, as well as tightening of monetary policy, have exacerbated fears that the US economy could enter into a recession.

“The market still needs to digest the impact of tighter monetary policy on all risk assets and crypto might take a hit as correlations [with US stocks increase]”, said Josh Lim, head of derivatives of New York-based brokerage Genesis Global Trading.

On Friday, Bitcoin was down less than 1% at $35,900.25, according to Coin Metrics. Meanwhile, Ether was down 1.1%. 

The crypto sale was sparked by a difficult Thursday on Wall Street where the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost over 1000 points. Nasdaq also fell 5%. The losses of each marked the worst single-day decline since 2020.  

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