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3 banks lower their home loan costs

27th June 2024
With the recent news that inflation has fallen to 2% meeting the bank of England’s targets there was speculation of mortgage rates falling. However, the Bank of England has kept their base rate at 5.25% at their June review. The next review will on the 1 August where there is still hope for a lower […]
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Your first 60 seconds from spotting bank fraud

27th June 2024
If you have noticed bank fraud on your account, money being spent which you didn’t authorise or information you know has been stolen then it is important to act as quickly as you can. Bank fraud is a common crime and there are lots of ways you can protect yourself and your accounts.  When you […]
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5 Money Saving Mindsets

27th June 2024
If you find yourself in daily bad habits of spending this is probably why it’s difficult for you to have money left over each month for savings. There are lots of ways to save money or just cut down some costs even if you are on a low income, a student or work part time. […]
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7 ways to save money at festivals this year

26th June 2024
It’s festival season with Glastonbury beginning today with headline acts from Dua Lipa, SZA and Coldplay. With millions of people planning their festival weekends full of music, dancing and probably a lot of mud after paying for your tickets you might be hoping to keep the costs down once you arrive. There are lots of […]
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What to know about Joint bank accounts

26th June 2024
Having a joint bank account can be useful if you have shared bills and responsibilities with someone else. It will be easier to pay for rent, bills and more if you can both put the money into a shared account each month and set up direct debits. This way, you know the money will be […]
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Does a Tiered Reserve System make sense for the Bank of England?

25th June 2024
In recent years the Bank of England has become a soft target for politicians. In 2022 Liz Truss, in the run-up to her very short premiership, suggested the Bank should shift from its 2% inflation target and be given an economic growth target instead. In the build-up to this general election Reform UK has floated […]
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6 Personal Finance Tips for Students Beginning Their Careers

21st June 2024
Starting your career is an exciting, sometimes overwhelming, phase in life. Fresh out of school and diving into the professional world comes with its own set of opportunities and financial challenges.  Whether you're a recent college grad or finishing vocational training, now’s the time to build solid financial habits that will serve you well into […]
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How Commodities Could Strengthen An Investment Portfolio

19th June 2024
Diversification is the cornerstone of a robust investment strategy, offering protection against market volatility and potential downturns.  While stocks and bonds have traditionally been the mainstay of diversified portfolios, commodity investments present a compelling opportunity to further enhance diversification and potentially boost returns. What Are Commodities? Commodities are raw materials or primary agricultural products that […]
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Cutting Costs: Tips for Reducing Monthly Expenses

17th June 2024
In the ever-evolving economic landscape, finding ways to minimize monthly expenses is more than a mere attempt at frugality; it's a necessity for financial survival and comfort. This guide will explore unique and effective strategies for reducing your monthly outlay, striking a balance between maintaining a quality life and ensuring your bank account remains healthy. […]
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What is the Conservative Party pledge on "Triple Lock Plus" for pensioners?

7th June 2024
Prime Minister Rishi Sunak surprised many by calling a general election for 4 July, and to woo the pensioner vote he has promised to raise the level of tax free pension allowance. The plans revealed that the ceiling for personal tax allowance for pensioners will be raised by at least 2.5%, or will increase in […]
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10 Must-Know Insights Before Investing in FD

4th June 2024
Fixed Deposits (FDs) have established themselves as a foundational element for personal finance strategies in India. Their appeal stems from the guaranteed returns they offer, which provide a sense of security and stability for your hard-earned savings. However, before committing funds to an FD, a comprehensive understanding of their functionalities and their integration into your […]
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Which supermarket loyalty scheme is the best for saving money?

30th May 2024
Now prices are returning to more normal rates, going shopping may be less stressful and buying yourself a treat for the week could become more viable. Supermarkets are always competing with each other to offer the best rewards and prices to entice customers to make them their regular shop. Certain supermarkets are now introducing a […]
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