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Is Europe’s Banking System Breaking Under the Weight of Non-Performing Loans?

4th April 2017
The European banking industry has been struggling for years. The key issues that it suffers from have been known for some time. Indeed, many of them contributed to, and were highlighted by, the financial crisis which began in 2008. Yet they still need to be addressed. Here Anthony Duffy, Director of Retail Banking at Fujitsu […]
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What is the Future of Credit Scoring in an Open Banking World?

24th January 2017
This week Finance Monthly has heard from Rob Haslingden, Head of Product Marketing & Propositions at Experian UK&Ireland, who gives us an overview of global credit scoring, the right attitudes, and the evaluation of data management and governance controls. Some industry commentators have suggested that Open Banking is a death-knell for credit scores. After all, […]
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Are banking systems as we know them at risk of disappearing forever?

21st September 2016
After (mostly) surviving the financial downturn of 2008, one could be forgiven for thinking that banks and the bankers that work within them are safe and secure. After all, if the worst financial crisis in a generation couldn’t derail them, then what could? That banks are safe is not necessarily the case though, and I […]
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Why it’s time to reimagine banking in this digital age

21st September 2016
There’s no disputing that the UK is the firm leader of the fintech sector in Europe. Funding for firms in the industry in this country outpaced that of Germany by a staggering 398% last year. In fact, investors pumped £550 million in to UK fintech companies in 2015. It’s easy to see the sector’s appeal; […]
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Banking and finance app usage rises 17% amongst affluent middle class customers

13th July 2016
Financial services brands looking to engage affluent middle class customers risk being left behind if they don’t meet the expectations of these valuable customers in terms of digital experiences, research released today by Collinson Group has revealed. It found that 81% of affluent middle class customers use banking and finance apps – up from 69% in […]
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EU Referendum: PwC comments on banking sector impact

24th June 2016
Hours after the EU Referundum results were revealed, UK Head of Banking and Capital Markets at PwC Simon Hunt comments on the impact that Brexit will have on the banking sector in the country. The UK is one of the world’s leading financial centres. The banking sector plays a major part in generating exports of […]
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Google advises Lloyds Banking Group on new digital analytics innovation team

10th March 2016
Lloyds Banking Group has partnered with ASI (Advanced Skills Institute) and Google to test Google’s big data platform technologies and analytics on non-personal behavioural data using a “secure” Lloyds account on Google Cloud Platform. Lloyd’s digital analytics team – an in-house team – has been trained by Google on how to use the product and […]
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Barclays reports 2% drop in profits, will sell down its African banking operations

3rd March 2016
Barclays reported a 2% drop in profits to £5.4 billion, and announced it intends to halve the dividend for this year and next. The bank will pay a final dividend for 2015 which brings the full year total to 6.5p but for 2016 and 2017 this will be reduced to 3p in each year. Barclays […]
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A quarter of the UK will use technology companies for half their banking needs or more by 2020

27th January 2016
A major shift in UK banking behaviour can be expected over the next five years, according to a report, The future of finance: how technology is democratising the financial services sector, launched today by TransferWise. People are ready and willing to consider financial technology alternatives to their bank. 65% of UK adults already say that […]
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Global Banking System at Risk from Failure of Economic Recovery

4th January 2016
Concern about possible failure of the global economic recovery and the damage this would do to a still fragile banking system is growing. Results from the CSFI’s latest global annual survey, conducted in association with PwC, ‘Banking Banana Skins 2015’, puts concern about the macro-economic environment at the top of the list of 24 possible […]
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EY's Global Banking Outlook for 2016 - Transforming talent: the banker of the future

8th December 2015
EY today launches its Global Banking Outlook for 2016, which looks at banking trends across the world for the year ahead, and focuses this year on talent in the sector. In recent years, banks have refocused, redefined and reshaped many aspects of their core business, structures and processes through technological innovation, but their workforce demographic […]
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Banking Apps Accessed via Smartwatches to Exceed 100 million by 2020

25th November 2015
A new study from Juniper Research finds that the global number of banking apps accessed via smartwatches will reach the 10 million mark in 2017, rising to more than 100 million by 2020. The research found that the use of smartwatches to access ‘push’ banking information services has been steadily gaining traction over the past […]
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