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Credit Cards & Loans

Welcome to the Credit Card and Loans section of Finance Monthly, where we provide essential insights and advice on managing credit effectively. This section is dedicated to helping you navigate the complex world of credit cards and loans, offering expert tips on choosing the right options, understanding interest rates, and managing debt responsibly.

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Whether you're looking to build credit, consolidate debt, or find the best loan options for your needs, our resources are designed to empower you with the knowledge to make informed financial decisions and optimize your credit health.
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Secured Loan VS. Personal Loan

20th March 2024
If you are thinking about taking out a loan make sure you are considering it carefully and know what you are getting into. With any type of loan there are serious implications if you miss any repayments and find out you cannot afford to pay back to loan you agreed to. To take out either […]
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4 Things You Must Learn to Improve Your Finances

15th March 2024
Some people are just better with money. Now, when you say that someone is good with money, what most people imagine is some sort of a financial wizard. In reality, it just means that this person knows a thing or two about financial instruments that the majority of people are using daily. To show you […]
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6 Things To Consider When Signing Up For A Credit Card

14th March 2024
In this day and age, a credit card is almost indispensable. Owning one benefits you in countless ways, which include boosting your credit score, protecting you from scams, allowing you to spend more, and rewarding you for spending. However, not all credit cards are alike, and you should find one that best fits your lifestyle.  […]
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5 tips to keep on top of my credit card payments

13th March 2024
Stay on top of your Credit card payments and avoid debt.
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Top Practical Finance Tips for Growing Families

7th March 2024
Starting a family can be a momentous decision, and naturally, there is a lot more to consider than just the financial aspects alone. Even so, perceived financial barriers do hold many of us back from starting our family when we’d ideally like to, opting instead to work for a few more years and put together […]
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Five Tips and Tricks for Using Your Credit Card as Effectively as Possible  

23rd February 2024
Alright, let's dive into the plastic fantastic world of credit cards! These little rectangles can make or break your finances, so getting savvy with them is key. We're here to level up your credit card game with some killer strategies. Buckle up for five top-tier tips and tricks that'll turn you into a credit card […]
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What is Better for Debt Consolidation: Balance Transfer or Personal Loan?

15th February 2024
Need help with too much debt? Many are­! Yet, help exists. The­re are two key re­medies: balance transfe­rs and personal loans. But which will aid you best? It seems like a challenging decision to make, but there is always an option to rely on financial experts from trusted platforms. Meet BadCredify - an online platform to […]
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Everything you need to know before getting your first credit card

12th January 2024
When choosing a credit card make sure it suits what you need it for and that you will definitely be able to make the repayments on time.
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How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt

13th December 2023
...Many people assume the interest rate on their credit card is set in stone, however, this isn’t always the case...
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Your guide to paying down credit card debt

13th December 2023
...Two common strategies for paying down credit card debt are the debt avalanche method and the debt snowball method...
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Get an instant Kotak Credit Card in just 3 easy steps!

17th October 2023
In 2023, no one misses the long waits at bank branches.
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