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Credit Cards & Loans

Welcome to the Credit Card and Loans section of Finance Monthly, where we provide essential insights and advice on managing credit effectively. This section is dedicated to helping you navigate the complex world of credit cards and loans, offering expert tips on choosing the right options, understanding interest rates, and managing debt responsibly.

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Whether you're looking to build credit, consolidate debt, or find the best loan options for your needs, our resources are designed to empower you with the knowledge to make informed financial decisions and optimize your credit health.
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A Step By Step Guide to Building Credit with a Credit Card

2nd April 2020
Anyone making a career in finance will know the value of building a solid credit score. Mindful credit card usage will help you to achieve both good credit and sound financial independence.
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5 Tips to Effectively Manage Credit Card Transactions

31st October 2019
Jeffrey Pomerance is Partner and Head of the Transactional Practice at SulmeyerKupetz - a premier business, financial restructuring and litigation firm in California, with a legacy of more than 60 years. Below, he shares his top tips on how to manage credit card transactions.
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Meet the Fintech Startup Offering Cryptocurrencies as Credit Card Rewards

15th March 2019
As recently as 2017, the meteoric rise in the popularity (and value) of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin had people wondering when they might supplant fiat currencies for good. Then, the bubble burst and those lofty hopes faded. The major losses that followed didn't kill the crypto industry, but it did force a wholesale reexamination of what […]
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Unable to Pay Off Credit Card Bills Because of Outstanding Company Expense?

4th September 2018
Recent independent research of UK employees commissioned by expenses management software company Expend has highlighted that Generation Z and Generation Y employees are the most negatively impacted by facilitating their employers’ expenses. Over a quarter (27%) of Generation Z employees (18-24 year olds) have not been able to pay off credit card bills because they […]
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Do You Understand Your Credit Card Agreement?

5th April 2018
Price comparison experts Money Guru conducted a survey of 1,000 UK credit card holders. This uncovered a deep-rooted misunderstanding of credit card agreements. The majority of credit cards can now be signed up for online. This means with no one there to talk you through each point, the agreement needs to be detailed and cover […]
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Bank & Credit Card Fraud Still the Most Common Type of Fraud

27th October 2017
According to ONS’ most recent crime report, “Bank and credit account fraud” was the most common type of fraud experienced (2.5 million incidents or 75% of total fraud) in the UK, followed by “consumer and retail fraud” 6– such as fraud related to online shopping or fraudulent computer service calls (0.7 million incidents or 22% of […]
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Credit Card Giant Visa Wants to Ditch Cash

24th July 2017
It's war on cash: Credit card giant Visa plans to pay Britain's shops and restaurants to ditch coins and notes. A credit card giant is planning to declare war on cash by offering to pay shops and restaurants in Britain to reject notes and coins. Visa claims that preventing customers from paying in cash would […]
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Less Than Half of Married Brits Trust Their Partner with Their Credit Card

14th February 2017
A third of Brits believe their partner is lying to them about how much money they spend. According to a survey conducted by Paymentsense on 2000 people in a relationship in the UK, people aren’t always honest to their partners about their spending habits. Shockingly, 40% of women admit to lying to their partner about […]
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