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4 Great Places in Southern USA to Buy a Family Home

28th November 2023
Even with the rising property prices and interest rates, some real estate markets have remained hot throughout 2023, mostly due to their relative affordability compared to the rest of the US.
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Art Law - Expert opinions, Mutual mistake – Legal issues in appraisal and authentication

24th November 2023
This article will provide an overview of legal and ethical issues/cases in the art market such as important contract principles; provenance; expert opinions and liability, authenticity disputes and scandals; and alternative dispute resolutions examining legal and business relationships among artists, dealers, collectors, and auction houses. The discussion of copyright and the appropriation of images by artists, such as works of art by Richard Prince and Jeff Koons, is equally crucial to bring to our notice.
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The Purchase and Sale of 100% of the Shares of Norauto Argentina SA

23rd November 2023
Mobivia will retain a minority shareholding for up to a year to support Stellantis in this significant transition.
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Lucena Capital Acquires Impress Group

23rd November 2023
Suquet’s investment in Impress marks a collaborative effort with Young to chart the company’s progressive course.
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Rising insolvencies – a sign we’re heading towards a spike in director disqualifications? 

23rd November 2023
We take a look at the rising insolvencies happening at the moment.
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Exploring The Role Of ChatGPT And The Metaverse 

22nd November 2023
For decades, science fiction has been fascinated with the idea of the metaverse, a multi-user online virtual space.
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Five ways to reduce noise pollution from your car

21st November 2023
A quiet drive helps the environment and gives you and your passengers a better time on the roads too.
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Scams to Watch Out for During the Holiday Season

20th November 2023
Gift shopping, charity donations, travel bookings, and fun activities characterize holidays. Scammers know this and are always out to target unsuspecting people with scams through these activities.
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The Hidden Costs of Whiplash: Navigating Financial Strain and Seeking Compensation for a “Minor” Injury

20th November 2023
Car accidents or other incidents that can cause whiplash can leave their victims with painful and uncomfortable conditions.
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How To Support a Family Member With Permanent Disabilities After a Car Accident

20th November 2023
Any car accident can leave its driver and passengers with catastrophic injuries, ones that could be permanent.
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Hughes Hubbard Guides JOST Werke SE in Strategic Brazilian Acquisition: A Reps and Warranties Insured M&A Milestone

17th November 2023
This transaction stands out in the Brazilian M&A market for its pioneering use of representations and warranties insurance—a testament to Hughes Hubbard's innovative approach to managing potential risks and liabilities in M&A deals...
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What Role Does Machine Learning Play in AI Trading?

16th November 2023
There’s been a lot of hype surrounding AI, especially in trading.
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