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Explore the International Relocation section on Finance Monthly, a comprehensive guide for individuals and families navigating the financial aspects of moving abroad. Our section offers expert advice on managing finances across borders, understanding international banking and taxation, and tips for cost-effective relocation. Whether you're moving for work, lifestyle, or retirement, our resources are designed to assist you in making a smooth financial transition to your new country.

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Stay informed about the latest global financial trends and gain insights into making your international move financially successful and stress-free.
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Setting up an Australian bank account

19th February 2024
There is a lot to organise when you are moving, especially when moving across the world! If you are permanently moving to Australia you will want an Australian bank account, this will help you avoid charges and give you a secure way to spend, save and receive payments whilst in Australia. There are 4 main […]
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The UK enters a recession

15th February 2024
As per reporting by the ONS (The Office for National Statistics) for the second quarter in a row, the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the UK has declined, meaning that for Q3 & Q4, GDP in the UK shrank by 0.5%. This was the mildest start to a recession since the 1970s, with the last […]
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Ryan Niddel's Insights Into the Art of Strategic Decision-Making in Business Management

15th February 2024
In the dynamic business management landscape, strategic decision-making is a pivotal element for success. Renowned entrepreneur and business strategist Ryan Niddel offers profound insights into mastering this art, emphasizing the blend of analytical thinking, foresight, and intuition required to navigate complex business environments. His approach reshapes conventional wisdom, providing a blueprint for leaders aiming to […]
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Moving to Australia? Here are your visa options

6th February 2024
You may be thinking about moving or you may have already decided that Australia is the place for me. You will be joining many others that have gone down under to enjoy the sun and enjoy life outdoors. It can be a minefield trying to organise and understand what you need to move and what […]
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Thinking of living in a new country? These places are popular with British expats

6th February 2024
The BBC reports that there are approximately 5.5 million British people permanently living abroad. It seems more people are thinking about leaving their British homes and setting up elsewhere to improve their quality of life. There are many reasons people move abroad, job opportunities, family, and education and recently we have seen these reasons increase […]
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Investor's Paradise: The Top 7 Secrets to Navigating the Singapore Business Market

1st February 2024
Singapore, often hailed as the Lion City has not only established itself as a global financial hub but also as a haven for savvy investors seeking lucrative opportunities in Southeast Asia.
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