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Is Open Banking Really Safe?

9th February 2018
In force since January, the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2), aka Open banking, is a regulation that forces the largest of our banks to open up access to their data; a necessity that could change the way many people and businesses bank. Below Jerry Matthews, Commercial Manager & Head of Bridging at KIS Finance, explains […]
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How Did the Banking & Financial Sector End 2017?

25th January 2018
The UK’s Banking and Financial sector has ended the year on a positive note, with the growth of new companies up 18.56% to 5,775 and failures down by 37.89% to 59 compared to Q3, according to figures released in the quarterly Creditsafe Watchdog Report. The report tracks economic developments across the Banking and Financial sector […]
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Meltdown & Spectre: 2 Ways Your Banking Device Is Vulnerable

24th January 2018
You may have seen the headlines just a few weeks back: Intel computer processors at risk form hackers. The computer technology firm owned up to some serious flaws in their systems and began to implement patches. Below Rusty Carter, VP of Product at Arxan Technologies, explains the ordeal and touches on the detail of the […]
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Your Thoughts: PSD2 & Open Banking

23rd January 2018
As of this month, the revised second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is in force and set to cause significant disruption within the European payments & banking sector. The first and foremost disruption is the possibility of Open Banking, as the legislation now allows a level playing field for PSPs to operate. From data and cyberattacks […]
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What Are the 3 Principles of Open Banking?

16th January 2018
There are three core principles for Open Banking. This video explores those three principles and talks about the risks and opportunities involved. The 3 key principles of Open Banking are: 1. Real time sharing of data, including statements and transactional data 2. Real time initiation pf payments, that allows other organisations to initiate payments for […]
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PSD2 & Open Banking: Hope of a Better Future in Financial Services?

15th January 2018
Below Felicia Meyerowitz Singh, Co-founder & CEO at Akoni Hub, talks Finance Monthly through the implementation of PSD2 legislation this weekend, with an overview of open banking, what it means for financial services, and what opportunities are in store for banking customers. It’s been a long time coming but we are entering an era of […]
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Websites & Internet Security in Banking: Is Your Money Safe?

11th January 2018
The security of banks’ and other financial institutions’ websites has been in the spotlight recently, notably in the case of NatWest bank which was involved in a public discussion regarding its site. Below Jacob Ghanty, Head of Financial Regulation at Kemp Little LLP, discusses the legal implications of website security, along with the potential consequences […]
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More Than Half of Consumers Moving Away from Traditional Banking

9th January 2018
Digital banking is growing in popularity with 53% of consumers using or willing to move to an online or mobile only bank — 27% have moved already, while 26% are considering the switch. This is according to research commissioned by Relay42. The reasons for this shift included receiving a better online experience and functionality (58%), […]
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Personal Loans Market Biggest FinTech Threat to Incumbent Banks

1st December 2017
Financial technology start-ups such as Ratesetter and Lendable pose a significant threat to the dominance of established banks in the UK’s £200bn personal loans market, according to new research. In the ‘Battling for Buyers’ report, behavioural science experts Decision Technology (Dectech) explore consumer openness to fintech providers across a range of banking products, such as […]
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DBS Private Banking & Wealth Planning in Singapore

30th November 2017
Henny Woon Loong is the Chief Trust Officer for Wealth Planning in DBS Private Banking. He has oversight of all existing trust client relationships, as well as trust policies, documentation, pricing, product development and business acceptance. Henny heads the Wealth Planning team in Singapore, which provides personal trust, estate planning and liquidity planning services to […]
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Bad Debt Overshadows Signs of Growth in Banking and FS

27th October 2017
The UK’s Banking and Financial sector has experienced a strong quarter, despite ongoing uncertainty caused by the Brexit negotiations, according to figures recently released in the Creditsafe Watchdog Report. The report tracks quarterly economic developments across the Banking and Financial and 11 other sectors (Farming & Agriculture, Construction, Hospitality, IT, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Retail, Sports […]
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Clever Marketing is Key to Thriving in an Open Banking Environment

27th September 2017
Pini Yakuel, founder and CEO of customer engagement specialists Optimove, talks about the coming changes in the financial services sector. Ten years ago, UK bank Northern Rock collapsed, marking the beginning of a global financial crisis whose effects on financial services are still being felt today. Consumer mistrust in traditional banks does still linger from […]
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