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Post Brexit: Take Advantage of Properties With Auctions and Bridging Loans

21st March 2019
Properties offer the best value, whether for live-in, rent, or resale. The golden rule to property investing is to buy cheap and sell expensive. This is easier in theory than in practice.
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Solving the Banking Industry’s Multi-Billion Pound Problem

27th February 2019
The banking industry has a multi-billion pound fraud problem.
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3 Ways Mobile Banking Has Transformed Spending Habits

19th February 2019
Most people always carry their phones with them — very few leave the house without their device. And so, it’s natural that mobile banking appeals to a large percentage of the UK population.
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3 Simple Ways Blockchain is Disrupting Banking

23rd January 2019
Banks have always relied on middlemen to facilitate different financial transactions, such as accepting deposits, lending money, processing payments and issuing checks, which can be time-consuming and costly.
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Cybercrime in Banking: Customers Now the Most Targeted Vulnerability

16th January 2019
Cybersecurity measures within banking have changed dramatically over the last decade, driven by rapid advancements in technology across the sector.
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Open Banking Primed for Further Progress After First Year

15th January 2019
Jake Ranson, Banking & Financial Institutions Expert and CMO at Equifax UK, believes both consumers and companies will benefit from the growing development and impetus of Open Banking in the year ahead.
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How Will the Use of AI in Banking Develop in 2019?

15th January 2019
The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the banking sector is nothing new and we have seen it implemented across a range of areas within financial institutions, such as credit risk management, risk and finance reporting, trading floors, customer relationships and of course, security.
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A Year into Open Banking, 8 of 10 Millennials Prepared to Switch

14th January 2019
This Sunday marks the first anniversary of the Open Banking initiative.
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The Era of Open Banking – Opportunities and Challenges for 2019

18th December 2018
As an enabler for increased competition and customer choice, open banking is transforming the banking sector for consumers, challenger banks, FinTechs and traditional players alike. The UK’s version of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2), open banking is forcing UK banks to open their data sets via secure application programming interfaces (APIs), resulting in them […]
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Regulated bridging loans down to lowest since 2015

3rd December 2018
Recent figures show that regulated bridging loans have fallen in the third quarter to the lowest level since Q1 2015. The culprit is Brexit, with property developers acting cautiously and waiting for property prices to come down before acting. It also suggests the preference of many developers to use unregulated bridging loans which can be […]
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Cognitive Assistants: Are They Helpful to the Future of Banking?

30th November 2018
Beyond simple chatbots, cognitive assistants – with their superior capabilities to understand context and sentiment – have the potential to truly revolutionise both customers and employees’ experiences in banking.
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Second charge buy to let loans – solving problems where other mainstream lenders can’t

7th November 2018
The buy to let second charge market place provides a range of solutions for borrowers who have perhaps been refused a mortgage by their current lender or high street bank. Popular second charge lenders like Together Money, Step One Finance and Shawbrook Bank are often more flexible in their application criteria and can step in […]
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