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Election 2024

2024 UK Election Coverage: Policies Impacting Your Finances

Stay informed with Finance Monthly's dedicated section on the 2024 UK election, where we delve into the pledges and policies from major political parties that aim to increase your financial well-being. From tax cuts to public spending adjustments, our comprehensive coverage analyzes how these proposals could put more money in your pocket.

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We focus on policies, not parties or personalities, ensuring unbiased and insightful analysis to help you understand the economic implications of this pivotal election.
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Rishi Sunak is rich, but is Keir Starmer rich too?

13th June 2024
As the UK election passes the halfway point, much of the focus has been on tax cuts and the economy, aside from Rishi Sunak's notable decision to leave the D-Day remembrance services early. With both leading parties trying to make the election about policies rather than personalities, it's hard to overlook just how much money […]
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Key Policy Recommendations for the 2024 UK General Election

13th June 2024
Richard Otoo and Bhagirath Jain from the Tax and Accountancy Clinic based at the Royal Docks School of Business and Law at the University of East London outline key policy recommendations for the 2024 UK General Election, emphasising tax simplification, SME support, innovation funding, regulatory reforms, and green investments to drive economic growth and sustainability. Tax Simplification and […]
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What are the Conservative Tax Pledges?

11th June 2024
Ahead of the Election, the Conservatives are pledging to cut National Insurance tax by 2p. This comes after another cut in the Spring Budget. This all forms part of their pledge to slowly cut national insurance entirely. They are also pledging to continue their freeze on tax thresholds until 2028. What does a 2p National […]
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What happened to the Renters' Reform Bill and will the general election change anything?

6th June 2024
The Renters’ Reform Bill has been seen by many as a silver bullet to rebalance the relationship between renters and landlords, but it will not be rubber stamped before the general election on 4 July. Last month before the surprise announcement of the election the bill reached the House of Lords, but later it was […]
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Spending on Election campaigns

3rd June 2024
There are regulations in place to ensure political parties stick to spending limits and a fair budget for their campaigns. Each party must submit their spending returns to the Electoral Commission which they have 3 months to submit or 6 months if they spent over £250,000 during the campaign period. Each parties’ case is investigated […]
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Tax promises from the Parties

30th May 2024
Conservatives, Labour and the Lib Dems have promised they will not be increasing Income tax, VAT and national insurance if they come into government. This is coming at the official 5 week campaign begins and all MPs now considering candidates for each party. Jeremy Hunt, the conservative Chancellor has clearly stated the promise for no […]
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Triple Lock Plus pension announced

28th May 2024
The conservative party has announced a plan for a ‘triple lock plus’ pension which is meant to place pensioners in a beneficial position if they win the general election. They have promised tax cuts for pensioners with a triple lock plus, this would be a £2.4bn tax cut.   Triple Lock pension Currently State pension […]
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An overview of Party Policies

24th May 2024
The election day has been set for July 4th and the manifestos are yet to be published. For each party they have set out a list of polices they would focus on if they win the election.   Labour Labour lay out some of their top priorities they will tackle. Improving waiting times for treatment […]
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Election day announced

23rd May 2024
Rishi Sunak has announced the election will be held on the 4th July. After 14 years of conservative rule, they are now behind in the polls and on July 5th the country could have a new Prime Minister. Manifestos are expected to come in June. Make sure you are registered to vote so you can […]
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