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Apple Card: How to Eliminate Sexism from Banking Algorithms

19th November 2019
A number of tweets earlier this week from some disgruntled customers revealed accusations that the Apple Card credit card managed by Goldman Sachs offered different credit limits for men and women with similar circumstances and backgrounds.
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Can We Expect Google Banking in 2020?

13th November 2019
A WSJ source recently revealed Google’s plans to offer checking accounts to the public next year, in what could be a very bold move from Alphabet to put its foot in the consumer banking sector.
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Natwest & Xero Team Up in Latest Fintech Banking Colab

12th November 2019
NatWest has recently announced a new technology integration with global accountancy software provider Xero, which will allow its subscribers to access a NatWest financing service directly from the Xero platform.
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Amazon, Netflix…Banking. Would a Subscription-Based Model Fend Off Challenger Banks?

7th November 2019
To keep up with customers’ demands banks need innovative business models that revolutionise the marketing, delivery and consumption of financial services while also delivering differentiation, competitive advantage and significant growth.
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Comparing Business Loans: What Should You Look Out For?

31st October 2019
Michael Foote is the Founder and Managing Director of cost-comparison site Quote Goat, which compares the costs of both personal and business financial products.
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8 Loans if You Have Bad Credit

21st October 2019
When you hear the term “bad credit,” it is usually referencing an individual’s FICO score. Your FICO credit score is partially based on your credit history, including but not limited to bill payment history, current and past loans, current debt, and even how much money you make. This scoring model ranges from 300-850 and classifies poor credit as being 579 or below.
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Banking on Security: Keeping Data Secure in Financial Services

10th October 2019
Financial institutions manage a large volume of sensitive information about their customers. However, the protection of sensitive data in line with regulations, both for banks and other financial services organisations, is currently a big challenge. The way these organisations operate has changed dramatically in recent years.
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The Battle of Traditional Banks for Business Banking Accounts

18th September 2019
For many organisations, the right banking partner is vital in a business meeting their strategic goals.
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Why the Use of AI in Banking Will Give Businesses the Control They Desire

3rd September 2019
For businesses, gaining visibility and control of spending is vital to maintaining adequate cash flow.
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What Europe Can Learn about Open Banking from the UK

21st August 2019
It’s hard to believe we are 20 months into the finance revolution that is Open Banking in the UK.
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Traditional Banking is Failing UK SMEs

21st August 2019
Reece Mennie, the CEO of the UK’s fastest-growing investment introducing firm – Hunter Jones, is looking at how and why traditional banking is failing British SMEs.
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How Banking & Fintech Innovation Has Accelerated in 2019

20th August 2019
We’re in the midst of a business banking revolution. In the past, legacy structures and slow banking processes were commonplace, with innovation and new technologies from the retail banking world rarely being available for businesses. 
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