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The Rise of the Merchant Cash Advance Bank Loans to SMEs is Declining

21st June 2019
Oxford Economics recently published research titled “the big business of small business”, which states bank lending to SMEs has fallen 3% since 2015. This is in the face of a rise in credit provisions to large companies of 43%. The report states that SMEs are being given the ‘cold shoulder’ resulting in an impact on […]
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Bridging Loans: What You Might Need These for and Everything You Need to Get One

19th June 2019
Property investments sometimes fall through due to the investor not having the deposit, or the original lump sum readily available. Often, a property investor may apply for a bridging loan from a commercial broker, as these applications have a turnaround of just a matter of days and are of course a lot quicker than the standard mortgage.
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How Has Technology Really Impacted Banking?

25th April 2019
Estimating the size of markets is challenging enough at the best times, but imagine attempting to do this with the global banking sector?
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Can You Get Online Title Loans Without Visiting a Store?

24th April 2019
There are many reasons why people take out title loans. Sometimes a person has an unexpected expense, such as medical bills, that need to be paid for.
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The Secret Steps to Unlocking Future Banking Growth

16th April 2019
The banking landscape is increasingly competitive. Whether you are a client unhappy with the digital offering of your retail bank, or a company not getting the returns needed on investments, there is almost always another banking institution you can turn to which will offer you everything you want, and more, to get you through their doors.
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Digital Banking: Brave New World or House of Cards?

11th April 2019
Financial companies are increasingly turning to advanced technology to bolster their key services.
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Open Banking: What Next?

4th April 2019
When Open Banking was introduced last year, it was viewed as the silver bullet that could drive financial services innovation while transforming customer experience.
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Post Brexit: Take Advantage of Properties With Auctions and Bridging Loans

21st March 2019
Properties offer the best value, whether for live-in, rent, or resale. The golden rule to property investing is to buy cheap and sell expensive. This is easier in theory than in practice.
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Solving the Banking Industry’s Multi-Billion Pound Problem

27th February 2019
The banking industry has a multi-billion pound fraud problem.
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3 Ways Mobile Banking Has Transformed Spending Habits

19th February 2019
Most people always carry their phones with them — very few leave the house without their device. And so, it’s natural that mobile banking appeals to a large percentage of the UK population.
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3 Simple Ways Blockchain is Disrupting Banking

23rd January 2019
Banks have always relied on middlemen to facilitate different financial transactions, such as accepting deposits, lending money, processing payments and issuing checks, which can be time-consuming and costly.
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