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Most Powerful Banking Families of All Time

30th October 2018
In a world of central banks and international monetary funds, it can be difficult to believe that the gargantuan world of finance was once in the hands of a few small and highly influential families. Before the modern financial era, the only groups with access to the power and capital to become banking titans were […]
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Banking Apps to Play Crucial Role in Commercial Banking Consumerisation

4th October 2018
Banking apps are set to have the biggest impact on commercial banking within the next five years according to more than two thirds (68%) of commercial bankers, a study has revealed. Banking apps are also predicted to become one of the most disruptive technologies during the same time period. Only cryptocurrencies (56%) and virtual assistants […]
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Barclays Ex-Boss: Tech to Replace More Than 50% of Banking Jobs

28th August 2018
Barclay’s ex-boss Anthony Jenkins recently said that technology could replace more than 50% of banking jobs. Finance Monthly heard from Ian Bradbury, CTO Financial Services, Fujitsu UK & Ireland, who shared his thoughts. With the number of banking branches declining, the financial services sector is undeniably undergoing significant change, driven in no small part by the increasing […]
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The Revolutionary Benefits of Open Banking

24th August 2018
When it comes to trading globally, banking access and reconciliation can be remarkably complex. Not only do businesses interact with a range of financial institutions to track funds across multiple bank accounts, they are also required to reconcile accounts receivable and payable transactions throughout the global supply chain. Funds may get lost in transfer and […]
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Are We Already Seeing the Long-Term Impact of Open Banking?

14th August 2018
Two years on from the CMA market review which initiated Open Banking, Jake Ranson, banking and financial institution expert and CMO at Equifax, anticipates profound long term impact. Open Banking was established to encourage competition. It’s well known that current account switching remains low, but this doesn’t reflect the full story. The initiative has been […]
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Consumers Left Clueless About Banking Options

2nd August 2018
Online research from Equifax, the consumer and business insights expert, reveals a lack of awareness of banking options among Brits. When presented with a list of digital banks 60% hadn’t heard of any of the brands and only 20% would opt for a challenger bank if opening a new account today. The survey, conducted with […]
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How the Banking and Finance Industry can Overcome Brexit Communication Challenges

31st July 2018
The United Kingdom, specifically London, has built a position as Europe’s primary financial hub, bridging the gap between the European Union and Asia, the United States and other regions. After Brexit comes into effect in March 2019, this once unassailable position will no longer be certain if it becomes more difficult for banks and other […]
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PSD2 will not Fuel Innovation in the Banking Sector... Here’s What will

29th June 2018
PSD2 promises a radical change, opening up the strictly regulated financial industry to new players. But Djoeri Timessen, the youngest Bank Director in The Netherlands, at the helm of innovative mobile start-up bunq, wonders whether PSD2 addresses the real issues or is simply a stopgap solution. The much-anticipated revised Payment Services Directive, or PSD2, came […]
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Bankers Confidence: Introducing a New Approach to Banking

29th June 2018
Finance Monthly speaks to Kristinn Gils Sigtryggsson, the Founder of Bankers Confidence ehf, an Icelandic company that offers small and medium-sized banks a comprehensive backup and added value support services to enhance their reputation and confidence.   Tell us about the inspiration behind Bankers Confidence – is it what you hoped it would be? On […]
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Mobile Banking to Trump Online Banking by 2019

29th June 2018
By as early as next year more consumers will use apps on their smartphone than a computer to do their banking, according to forecasts. It has also been predicted that 35 million people - or 72% of the UK adult population - will bank via a phone app by 2023. Ian Bradbury, CTO Financial Services […]
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Digital by Default: Communication, Collaboration & the Banking Process

5th June 2018
Customers’ everyday interactions with banking and insurance companies have been undergoing a steady process of transformation for some time, but the process still has far to go, both in terms of direct communication with customers and collaboration with third parties. Below Tony Rich, Head of Propositions at Unify, discusses the current banking environment and its ongoing interactions […]
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Banking & Finance Were the Most Vulnerable Web Applications in 2017

31st May 2018
Positive Technologies has announced its latest report from its own audits of web application security: Web Application Vulnerabilities in 2017. The results, collated through the security firm’s automated source code analysis through the PT Application Inspector, detected vulnerabilities in every single web application tested in 2017. Among the key findings, 94% of applications had at least one […]
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